Marketing 101

Marketing is one f the most important art f an organisation or company. If it is successful then your company also will gain success. They are connected with each other and they should be always checked. This department is one that is usually in the business area but outsourcing has long been also practiced. There are many companies who avail of the services of contractors or firms so they could concentrate on other areas. It has also advantages that they prefer to outsource them.

The department of marketing covers the aspect of promotions , advertising, sales, and public relations. That is why it is vital to the business or company. If this aspects are managed well then you can have a successful business operation. The main objective of marketing is that to make a product of a company be bought by potential and loyal customers. They may be new product or old product that needs attention so that sales would increase. They use methods to let people know and buy them and that is what is presented in the image above.

There are the areas or categories that needs to be addressed when dealing with marketing. There are the seven P’s that are used so that the considerations should be made and that a product would be sold successfully. There are those who should consider all those things but others things have already been fixed and so adjustments should be made in the variable ones. Others have more or the opposite things to consider.